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Amrita Arora: I Love Skinny Jeans and My Kids Like Denim
  Amrita Arora: I love skinny jeans and my kids like denim Amrita Arora who has two sons ‘Azaan Ladak’ and Rayaan Ladak’ with her husband Shakeel Ladak is very much open to her kids about fashion. Amrita Arora revealed she doesn’t impose her choices over her kids and... Read more
Kriti Sanon: You Are Human Being Before Actor, So People Should Respect
Kriti Sanon: You are human being before actor, so people should respect It is very much disgusting that people doesn’t treat actors as a normal human being and feels that they are beyond than the celebrity. Whenever they found them they go for taking pictures or having some talk,... Read more
Nimrat Kaur: India Need to Aware How to Treat Animal
Nimrat Kaur: India need to aware how to treat animal Indian actress Nimrat Kaur feels heartbroken about the way animals are treated in India. In a video which is released on internet last week, a little put has been thrown from the very high multi story building in Hyderabad.... Read more
Shilpa Shetty Is Okay to Play Mother Role
Shilpa Shetty is Okay to play mother role Usually actresses shy to show their age and playing the role of a mother, but in the case of the Shilpa Shetty, it seems opposite as the actress who is the mother of a son is ready to play the role... Read more