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Emraan Hashmi says Muslims are Treated Well in India
Emraan Hashmi says Muslims are treated well in India India is such type of country where there are people belongs to several casts and different religions, and where people belongs to different backgrounds there is always a type of conflict among those people, but the actor Emraan Hashmi feels... Read more
Emraan Hashmi: Horror Movies have No Place in Bollywood and Hollywood
Emraan Hashmi: Horror movies have no place in Bollywood and Hollywood Emraan Hashmi who will see in ‘Raaz Reboot’ which will release on 16th of December 2016. The film has Horror genre, and according to the movie star, Emraan Hashmi this genre hasn’t any place in this Bollywood and... Read more
Emraan Hashmi: Every Actor has Individuality, Not Compare Someone
Emraan Hashmi: Every actor has individuality, not compare someone Emraan Hashmi who is best known for his steamy scenes in his movies, now has been started comparing with Ranveer Singh, who has shown that kind of skills in his upcoming movie ‘Befikre’ in which he locked lips with Vaani... Read more
Kriti Kharbanda Scared to Kiss Emraan Hashmi in Raaz
Kriti Kharbanda scared to Kiss Emraan Hashmi in Raaz Indian actress who mostly appeared in Kannada and Telugu movies and now making her Bollywood debut opposite Emraan Hashmi in the movie Raaz Reboot which is the 4th installment of the Raaz movie shared some intimate scenes with Emraan Hashmi,... Read more
Emraan Hashmi Prefer Flop Movies Than Successful
Emraan Hashmi Prefer flop movies than successful Mostly actors look on their successful movies in the career, but in the case of the Emraan Hashmi it is opposite, as the actor more preferred his flopped movies as compared to the successful one as he feel it boost him to... Read more