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Emraan Hashmi son Ayaan Hashmi is just 7 years old and he has to learn a lot of things in his life, but he... Emraan Hashmi: How can my son see my films when even Youtube is restricted for him

Emraan Hashmi son and wife

Emraan Hashmi son Ayaan Hashmi is just 7 years old and he has to learn a lot of things in his life, but he is restricted from parents not to watch dad movie. Emraan Hashmi says Ayaan is very little in age and even in that age Youtube is restricted for kids, so how he can see his father films which are mostly given A or U/A certificates. Emraan Hashmi said,”He can’t. Censor rating for my films have mostly been A or U/A, so none of them were fit for him to watch in a theatre. He’s in that age where even a YouTube is on the restricted mode, so it’s not so easy for him to dig out and watch my films.” While his film Mr. X was given U certificate so his son was permitted by parents to watch the movie. Emraan Hashmi also talked about the cuteness of his son Ayaan says he has to learn a lot of things and he sometimes misunderstood meanings of some words like shooting he only considered it with guns. ”

Emraan Hashmi son AyaanWhen he was four, he was very confused with the whole concept of shooting. He was learning and discovering new words every day and when he found the word ‘shooting’, he thought it has something to do with guns. He got more confused because when we took him to a film set, there was an action scene that I was shooting where I was firing a gun. So, he couldn’t understand what was happening,” he added,”Now, of course, he knows that his father is an actor and he sees my songs on YouTube and TV — it also kind of ignites the passion [for films] in him. Ayaan is the kind of person who loves the limelight and attention. So I think he’s going towards this profession. Not that I’m going to push him into this career; it has to be out of choice eventually. But he seemed enamoured of the world of films and he feels he’d like to be in that space. He has just joined drama class as well. I’d love to do some of those. But I’m waiting for that kind of a script. I’d definitely want to do a film only for kids, but it has to be written well, and it has to be worth my time.” Emraan Hashmi married with Parveen Shahani in December 2006 and their first kid, Ayaan hashmi was born on 3 February, 2010.Emraan Hashmi with son Ayaan

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